The beauty – Making the purchasing of supplies or getting inspiration for a hobby as enjoyable as the hobby itself.

Interaction DesignWireframing • Information ArchitectureVisual Design

The Botanical Garden in Alkmaar, NL not only aims to provide information on their plants and upcoming activities, but also sells numerous different plant seeds – their online channel to do so was created with these two main goals in mind. I was asked to redesign their website so that it caters to both potential visitors – giving them an expansive overview of possible and upcoming activities – as well as to the hobbyist farmers and gardeners who want to order their next batch of aloe vera seeds from the comfort of their home. Or garden.

One of the challenges was translating a massive list of products into a visually attractive and clear webshop assortment. I solved this by having every item displayed as a single row, but making them collapsable at the visitor’s will. Combined with real time filters, this makes scouring the massive assortment a manageable task.